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The Monthly Pulse – Recruiters (March 2022)

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The Monthly Pulse
Industry News
Looking Outside the Box to Resolve Staffing Issues in Healthcare
The Story
While the staffing issues remain a topmost concern in healthcare, recruiters can apply some outside-the-box strategies to address the challenge. From analyzing and resolving internal issues to supporting a richer career trajectory for candidates, there are several unique ways healthcare organizations can attract and retain new hires.
What You Should Know
While industry-wide challenges continue to present barriers for staffing, not all healthcare employment issues are a direct result of the pandemic. Healthcare organizations can adopt a more aggressive approach to recruitment by starting with a self-assessment of their staffing and onboarding processes, using first-hand accounts from internal parties to identify gaps and drive improvements. They can also help providers become more agile contributors through increased training to support a more successful career trajectory. Finally, reassessing staff dispersal to drive efficiencies and shifting staff as needed could help to reduce the need for additional hires.
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Stay Up to Date on Physician Salary by Specialty
The Story
Knowledge is one of the most powerful assets to help guide your physician recruitment strategy. Using available resources to determine which specialties are hardest to fill, along with how your organization stacks up in terms of compensation, benefits, and other incentives, can help you make strategic hiring decisions.
What You Should Know
There are a number of resources available with insights into recent and relevant physician salary data. Organizations such as the AAPPR, MGMA, and AMGA routinely publish benchmarking surveys and reports, offering data on compensation, benefits, and productivity. Recruiters can also look to Medscape, a free resource, for physician salaries and breakdowns based on region and specialty.
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AAPPR Board Corner - Keeping Your Team Together
The Story
Like other positions in healthcare, turnover for recruiters seems to be at an all-time high. Yet, keeping teams together is critical to the larger goal of providing exceptional care for patients. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to engage and motivate teams that may also boost retention.
What You Should Know
Maintaining personal connections is more important than ever right now. In the healthcare recruitment space, reaching out to team members who are working their hardest may require some extra time and attention, but it could go a long way in showing appreciation. From personalized notes to recognizing birthdays, providing a little more support than usual may fulfill employees’ need to feel valued during a particularly challenging time for healthcare.
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Leadership Reflections
As I reflect on the challenges of working in healthcare over the past few years, I recognize the importance of innovation. Here are some of my key takeaways:
  • Reframing problems as opportunities - A team’s entire approach can change when making this shift. Is there a solution to a current “problem” that could actually be our next great innovation?
  • Harnessing the collaborative mindset achieved during the pandemic - How can we capitalize on this new way of thinking and working together to innovate in preparation for our next challenges?
  • Reimagining elective care and reducing the backlog - Some procedures, including cardiac surgery, have been classified as elective care, leading to an ongoing backlog. How could lifesaving procedures like these be reclassified and prioritized?
  • Utilizing data to track progress and drive decision making - The best leaders and teams use data to drive innovation. What data would be most helpful to inform our future decisions, and how can we generate or access it?
I encourage you to combine these takeaways with your own learnings from the past few years and consider what innovations may help you and your team be more effective and prepared for the next big challenge.
Daryl Bert
Daryl Bert
t: 540-421-0696
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