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Clinic Manager for Heart & Vascular Institute - Cardiac & Vascular Surgery

CT Assist has helped me immensely in my locum provider scheduling. Their staff have simplified the process for me and are always willing to go above and beyond to meet my needs. We have always had qualified and professional providers from CT Assist who have become invested in the success of our practice. Our surgeons have complete trust in the surgical and clinical skills of the the PA’s and we have great feedback from patients and staff as well. I would recommend CT Assist over any other locum company without a second thought, they have proven their reliability.


Senior Physician Recruiter

It’s great to know we have a partner out there that truly understands the market and needs. I so very much appreciate all your team has done/will do for our CT group – you guys are wonderful to work with as well!!! And trust me, I’ve worked with a lot of agencies, and I am so impressed with your responsiveness and just being reasonable to our requests and needs. Bravo to you all! If only all other agencies had the same level of professionalism you have!


Senior Provider Recruitment Consultant

My experience with CT Assist has always been phenomenal! You are so client-focused, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable…just all around FANTASTIC! I would recommend you in a heartbeat!


Lead Physician Assistant

We have had an excellent working relationship with CTAssist over the past ~6 years. The staff are reliable, well trained, hard workers, and pleasant to work with.


Talent Acquisition Contract Specialist

I have had a great experience with everyone I have worked with at CT Assist. Thank you for your partnership.


Director of Cardiovascular Practices

Service provided by CT Assist has been outstanding.

CT Assist Provider

I’ve worked with CT Assist, LLC for a little over 2 years as a Locums Physician Associate (PA) and it has been one of the best decisions of my career. They’ve expressed to me that they have my best interest at heart and were able to show it during my tenure with them. During my contractual assignments, I had nothing to worry about! I had top notch benefits and there was always someone available to address my concerns which were promptly resolved to my satisfaction. In addition, I’ve always had a sense of peace with them and they’ve felt like family since day 1!

CT Assist Provider

The company truly seems to have the best interest of their providers at heart, a rarity in the healthcare world. Everyone I have worked with is extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. As a W-2 company, their benefits and retirement plan is very competitive and takes the uncertainty of end of year taxes out of the equation that other 1099 companies can’t.

CT Assist Provider

Hey y’all, anytime a recruiter calls me, and I answer, and they ask if I know of someone looking for a position, I tell them that if I did know of a possible lead, I would recommend CT Assist. Why? Because of you guys. Don’t need to say anything else.

CT Assist Provider

Best career decision I’ve made, you all have been awesome! Please let the team know, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join CT Assist.

CT Assist Provider

We feel as lucky having CT Assist, and more so for having you as part of your lives and family. Can’t say it enough or mean it more when I say, ‘YOU ARE AMAZING’. I couldn’t be more grateful for you and this team.

CT Assist Provider

I enjoy being a part of the CT Assist family. The organization, leadership, and staff truly advocates for us. I find fellow CT Assist coworkers to be experts in their specialty so the quality of employee they hire is high.

CT Assist Provider

A cut above the other locums companies out there. A commitment to excellence. Helpful, competent, caring, supportive administrative staff. Clear communication of company policies. Love the culture and business model of this company.

CT Assist Provider

The CT Assist admin team cares deeply about the health and wellbeing of the clinical team and each other. It is truly a blessing to work with such a passionate and committed group of people.

CT Assist Provider

Enjoy the admin and the personal attention they provide along with the dedication to the clinical staff. The best interest of the clinical staff seems to be the leading factor in the way the company is run and most decision processes

CT Assist Provider

Great staff. Prompt, attentive and takes awesome care of their locum providers!!

CT Assist Provider

Collegial work environment, extremely knowledgeable staff, focus on the Providers’ experience and satisfaction at client sites, Providers are well-paid with amazing benefits.

CT Assist Provider

Great staff and great benefits. I have worked for many other companies before CT assist and none compares to this company in terms of benefits and the quality of the staff.

CT Assist Provider

The people! The benefits are an added bonus you don’t find at other companies. It feels like you’re being taken care of personally with CT Assist! Great team to be part of and great place to work!

CT Assist Provider

Thank you and CT Assist for the sense of value you bring to my experience!

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