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About CT Assist

As a PA-owned company, CT Assist was started to satisfy the nationwide shortage of experienced, talented Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Perfusionists. Surgeons know that an Advanced Practitioner is an integral piece to the overall flow and success of a surgical program. Advanced Practitioner’s have shown to improve patient satisfaction, outcomes, and reduce length of stay. Hospitals understand the value of experienced PAs, NPs, and Perfusionists. CT Assist was created to meet the needs of hospitals and surgical programs, by providing well-trained, motivated, and professional clinicians. Our staffing solutions, both long and short-term, provide quality without compromise. Our PAs, NPs, and Perfusionists can add to the quality of any program in the nation. We are committed to providing our clients’ and their patients the best possible outcomes.

CT Assist was founded in 2013 by Scott Yoder and Jairemy Drooger; and seeks to be the premier locum tenens and long-term staffing provider for surgical programs nationwide. After several years of growth and numerous customers asking us to provide coverage in other advanced practice specialties, in 2017 we expanded our offerings to include perfusion and cardiac nursing.

Our commitment to quality and service will allow us to reach this goal.

Cort Beckman
Chief Talent Officer

Cort has almost 20 years of experience in a variety of industries ranging from action sports to transportation. He has spent 15 of those years in healthcare where he gained additional experience in leadership, sales, and recruiting specifically with PAs and NPs. He has successfully built and developed multiple sales teams that staffed PAs and NPs and had many successes in diverse market conditions while doing so. Cort has an innate ability to connect with those he comes in contact with and uses this to help find the best healthcare professionals possible to work with the best staffing firm in the nation.

Cell 801-726-4992

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Bonnie Moore

Bonnie is our recruiter and marketing manager! As a recruiter, she spends her time making the best matches between providers and clients. She may be the first person you speak with regarding our company! Bonnie opens the door to possibilities and navigates opportunities for providers with clients. As our marketing manager, she is a culture-driver and personal growth fanatic. Bonnie works to help our admin team and providers understand the CT Assist story and the values that motivate us.

Cell: 570-971-6356

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Jennifer Litwiller
Director of Business Development

Jennifer is an Ohio native with 20 years of professional experience in her home state as well as Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Her experience includes leadership and management consulting with companies across the country and leadership roles in higher education. She cares deeply about CT-Assist’s mission and is dedicated to helping healthcare administrators connect with solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Cell: 540-421-4349

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Amy Block, RN, MSN
Director of Nursing and Allied Health

Amy brings 19 years within the nursing field both in the CVOR and ICU settings. As the Director of CT Assist Nursing & Allied Health, Amy is committed to matching qualified nursing and allied health professionals to the needs of various cardiac programs nationwide.  As a nurse herself, who implemented and lead a successful cardiothoracic surgical program, Amy understands the nuances of what both the healthcare professional and the client require. Her goal is to foster successful relationships while providing superior care to patients. Amy values integrity, trust, and kindness and wants to ensure that those around her feel valued and respected.

Cell: 540-383-9004

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Jason Good, Ph.D
Director of CT Assist Locum Tenens

Jason is a Washington, DC native with close to 15 years of professional experience in management, marketing, and sales.  As Director of Locum Tenens, he works with cardiothoracic surgeons and hospitals across the nation to fill in staffing needs in order to maintain high quality patient care and services.  CT-Assist Locum Tenens is a health care staffing company with expertise and specialization in cardiothoracic care, working with carefully vetted top-notch surgeons.

Cell: 540-810-4303 

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Vince Bowman
Lead Perfusionist

Vince has 20+ years of experience in the perfusion field as a Chief Perfusionist and owner of a contract perfusion company.  Prior to beginning his perfusion career he gained valuable leadership experience serving in a special operations unit in the USAF.  At CT Assist Vince is focused on matching qualified dedicated perfusionists with positions that meet their needs and the needs of our clients.

Cell: 540-810-5160

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Schedule some time to chat!
Daryl Bert
Chief Executive Officer
Minnette Hostetler
Chief Operating Officer

Minnette is a communicator and human relations specialist with over 20 years of experience working with businesses and organizations to create and develop their systems and work force. Her focus is on the growth of individuals within a framework that encourages high levels of performance and engagement, at a sustainable pace. CT Assist, with its emphasis on providing high quality care and services, is an excellent setting for carrying out this work of creative development.

Joshua Rapoza
Sr. Director of Marketing

For over two decades Joshua has focused on communication as a way to solve problems, build teams, and foster communities. “The healthcare community is perpetually busy, and they don’t have time to be pestered by valueless information. My job is to make sure the right people get the right information so they can make the right decisions.” Joshua serves the cardiac healthcare community by listening a learning, then creating clear, simple communications. He is the former CSO of the Lean Enterprise Institute and has been mentored by the top lean thought leaders.

Jairemy Drooger

Jairemy is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of executive experience in diverse fields ranging from Food, Pharmaceuticals, and Chemicals to Nonprofits and Software. He has served as COO of multiple organizations and worked extensively in business development and marketing. CT Assist provides the amazing opportunity to simultaneously serve the needs of our customers, staff, and their patients.

Scott Yoder
PA-C, Co-Founder

Scott has worked over 15 years as a physician assistant in the subspecialty of Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery. In 2010 he developed, and led as CEO for 5 years, a local Philadelphia-based company designed to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare delivery by physician assistants and nurse practitioners within the subspecialty of Cardiac surgery.

He has devoted his career to providing highly desirable, respectable jobs for PAs and NPs that foster a work/life balance that is difficult to find in today’s current health care environment while simultaneously building highly efficient teams of practitioners that have a united goal of providing the best possible care to their patients. CT Assist was founded as a nationwide company that embraces the values and culture which Scott has envisioned for his associates and clients.

Staci Peper
Manager of Credentialing Services

Staci has more than 7 years of experience in the provider credentialing field. She initially gained experience working as a credentialing assistant for the Department of the Army in California and since then has honed her skills and knowledge at large hospital systems in Texas and Maryland. As a natural people person, Staci is dedicated to helping the CT Assist team in all matters related to hospital credentialing and privileging as well as ensuring they have the necessary tools to meet and exceed their goals in the healthcare industry.

Toni Paletta
Business and Logistics Manager

Toni is a hard working professional with 15 years of experience working in the real estate, hospitality and service industries. At CT Assist, Toni provides an exceptional level of quality and service to our customers and staff.

Peter Gustafson
Information Technology

Peter is an expert in Information Technology, hospitality and the software industries. With 20 years experience, he has the skills to facilitate the optimal growth for CT Assist. At CT Assist, we are always working to exceed all expectations.


Service Mission: motivates us to consistently provide world-class staffing and support to our customers.

To provide our customers with trusted clinical support which helps create staffing efficiencies, builds sustainable programs, and promotes improved patient outcomes by using business practices that respect our staff, our customers and their current, and future, employees.

Economic Mission: drives us to conscientiously manage our Company for sustainable financial growth.

To operate the Company with a sustainable financial foundation of profitable growth, increasing value for our stakeholders, while expanding opportunities for development (personal and professional) and career growth for all of our employees.

Social Mission: inspires us to compassionately leverage our Company to make the world a better place.

To lead the Company in a way that dynamically acknowledges the role of business in our society by creating ways to improve quality of life at the family, local, and national levels, by providing our employees with the freedom that allows them to construct the career, schedule, and lifestyle they desire, while supporting our customers as they develop sustainable programs and positions for clinicians.

Our Commitment

In accordance with The Joint Commission standards, CT Assist will only work with qualified providers in relation to their education, training, licensing, and competence. CT Assist follows thorough credentialing standards to ensure appropriate placement of our providers based on their experience and proven competency. We perform background checks, drug and health screens on all our providers in compliance with legal regulations.

CT Assist is committed to safety and quality patient care. We are dedicated to training, evaluating, and improving the performance of our associates. It is our policy to respond to all safety and quality-of-care concerns, please contact us at info@ct-assist.com or by phone at 1-888-552-5792. CT Assist will not take disciplinary or punitive action against its employees, or other individuals if they report safety or quality-of-care concerns. If we are unable to address the concerns to your satisfaction, please contact The Joint Commission.

Culture Statement