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The Monthly Pulse – Recruiters (Nov. 2021)

The Monthly Pulse
Industry News
Survey-Driven Salary Negotiations Create Thorny Competitive Environment
The Story
To determine salaries for cardiothoracic surgeons, many healthcare organizations turn to survey data. Yet, data points can vary widely from one survey to the next, and often fail to consider key differentiators, such as surgery disciplines and regional demand.
What You Should Know
While up-to-date salary surveys are a valuable tool for determining CT surgeon pay, recruiters can stand out among other employers and make appropriate offers by taking a nuanced approach. Looking at medians can be a good starting point, but taking into consideration factors such as the local market and subspecialization can help teams make more precise salary decisions.
Incentivizing Physicians During the Recruitment Process: How to Get Them to Choose Your Company
The Story
When recruiting medical specialists, offering compelling incentives is one of the best ways to attract physicians.
What You Should Know
Compensation will always be a key driver when it comes to attracting talent in healthcare. Yet, aside from a high salary, incentives such as student loan forgiveness, signing bonuses, and relocation stipends can also have a considerable impact on prospective talent. Knowing what your competitors offer in terms of incentives can also help you stay in the running.
Parental Leave During Surgical Residency
The Story
According to a report published in JAMA Surgery, less than 15% of residents surveyed had taken parental leave during clinical residency. The most common obstacle cited by those who did take leave was lack of universal policies across all Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) specialties.
What You Should Know
Because peak childbearing years overlap with medical training, many residents understandably want to grow their families during this time, but have concerns about derailed careers and leaving other residents to pick up their workload. In addition to establishing clear parental leave policies for all parents, healthcare organizations can turn to locums support to minimize the added workload when one resident takes a maternity or paternity leave, thus alleviating concerns for everyone involved.
Leadership Reflections
There have been significant challenges over the past two years for all of us working in the healthcare industry. Surveys are reporting a healthcare exodus with many indicating burnout and plans to leave current roles or healthcare altogether. As I reflect on the value brought by all who currently fill these roles, this news brings both sadness and concern.
I would like to offer both gratitude and a challenge:
Gratitude: Although you may be hearing a lot of this lately, I hope it doesn’t diminish my sincere thanks for the value you bring in caring for the health of our communities.
Challenge: Individuals facing burnout can experience emotional exhaustion, depersonalization or detachment from their role, and/or believing they are powerless to affect change. My challenge is for all of us to be on the lookout for colleagues who could use a word or note of gratitude, a specific offer of support, or just time spent together for fun or listening and encouragement. The bonus of this challenge is that when we offer gratitude and care for others, we reap the benefits of improved relationships and a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing.
Will you consider accepting this challenge? I would love to hear from you if you have a story to share about your experience.
Daryl Bert
Daryl Bert
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