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Cardiothoracic PAs & NPs an Integral Part

CT Assist was started to satisfy the nationwide shortage of experienced, talented cardiac and thoracic surgery physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Surgeons know that a cardiothoracic PA or NP is integral to the functioning of the cardiac program. PAs have shown to improve patient satisfaction, outcomes, and reduce length of stay. Hospitals understand the value of experienced PA/NPs. CT Assist was created to meet the needs of hospitals and cardiac programs, by providing well-trained, motivated, and professional providers. We satisfy the need in with our locum tenens staff as well as our long-term staffing solutions.  Our focus is on providing hospitals with the best talent available in the industry. Our PAs and NPs can add to the quality of any program in the nation. We are very committed to providing our client’s patients with the best possible outcomes.

In 2010, I started, and am still President of Physician Assistant Surgical Associates, LLC. It is a Philadelphia based CT Surgery midlevel provider organization providing the services of the best local PAs and NPs. Our commitment to quality and outcomes has allowed us to quickly gain traction in understaffed market for experienced CT Surgery PAs. Our dedicated organization and staff have been able to improve the efficiency of the way we provide mid-level services. Our large pool of experienced clinicians allows us to flex our staff up and down based upon the caseload.  Our clients are very satisfied with our services, so naturally the next step was to roll out the product nationwide. CT Assist seeks to be the premier locum tenens and long-term staffing provider for CT Surgery programs nationwide. Our commitment to quality and service will allow us to reach this goal.

by Scott Yoder